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Ayton Castle Curling Club

The Royal Caledonian Curling Club



Ayton Castle Curling Club was instituted in 1886 and admitted to the RCCC in 1887. In the clubs early days they played on the curling pond at Littledean Farm on the Ayton Castle Estate, which appears on the RCCC Historic Curling Places map (0872). First record appears to be in the 1896 Annual of a game between Ayton and Reston. Thereafter the club played at Haymarket Ice Rink in Edinburgh and since 1965 we have made our home at Kelso Ice Rink within the Border Province.

The club has enjoyed a fair degree of success over the years but, unless anybody out there knows better, our most successful season was 2006 – 2007 when two of our Members, Keith Prentice and Tommy Fleming, along with Lockhart Steele and Robin Aitken, won the Scottish Seniors and went on to win the World Senior Championship in Edmonton, Canada. This was closely followed by season 2013 2014 When Margaret Robertson was in the Gold Medal Winning Team at the World Seniors held at Dumfries.