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Ardrossan Castle Curling Club

Home Rink: Harvies Stevenston

Stewart Cup Results 27/01/2015

G Christie 11 A Blair 5
A Campbell 13 F Erskine 5

League results 26/01/2015

A Campbell 14 A Blair 7
A Shedden 11 F Erskine 4

Largs Friendly 20/01/2015

The following is a straight copy from the Largs Thistle website.

I am sorry that I am not up to doing match reports of this calibre.

Defeated by Ardrossan

Posted on Wednesday, January 21, 2015 at 1:32am

The annual match against Ardrossan Castle, for the unnamed trophy which is currently misplaced, took place at Harvies on Tuesday 20th January.

Largs won this event last season, but this year Ardrossan emerged victorious winning both matches, albeit by narrow margins.

Largs lost the first match 8-6, despite having an opportunity to peel the game with the last stone and in the second match Largs were defeated 5-4.

This gave an overall aggregate score of Largs Thistle 10 Ardrossan Castle 13.  Well done to Ardrossan on their victory, and we look forward to this encounter next season.

Stewart Cup

G Christie 8 A Shedden 2
A Blair 10 F Erskine 2

League Results 13/01/2015

G Christie 10 A Blair 2
A Campbell 8 F Erskine 5

Allison Final

The Allison Final took place on Monday January 12 2015 between A Shedden and F Erskine.

A Shedden’s rink of A Shedden,A Merry, G Dodds and E Dodds   played F Erskine’s rink of J Pringle, A Bryson, J Marshall and M Byers.

After an extra end the score was


A Shedden  8 F Erskine 7

Baird Results 06/01/2015

6th January 2015
W Nichol 12 J Kemp 5
J Cousar 5+4 J Pringle 9

League Results 05/01/2015

G Christie 6 A Shedden 14
A Blair 4 F Erskine 8